How We Can Help You

With a combined total of more than 100 years’ experience, encompassing wealth and investment management, offshore financial planning, tax and trust assistance, retirement solutions and lifetime care provision we are experts in helping people to enjoy a better lifestyle and a more secure future.

  • Do you work too hard and not have enough quality of life?
  • Would you retire now if you could afford to?
  • Do you know how much money you actually need to live on?
  • What does your ideal lifestyle look like?
    What is preventing you from achieving it?
  • Our professional planners can help you to retire earlier and have a much better lifestyle well before aged 65. If you want more joy in life without fear of running out of money, we can show you how.

How We Do It

There are 6 main stages to your planning:

What’s important to you and how do you want to live?

Our first conversation is free to you and at our expense. This is not about investing or money, it is about what is important to you, how you want to live and how close you are to being able to do so.


Would you retire early or work less if you could? We can show you how.


Do you plan to help your family financially?
We can help you prepare for future expenses such as university fees and house deposits.


What would you do if you could spend more on things you enjoy? We put your lifestyle goals at the centre of your plan to help you achieve them.


Do you want to leave a specific legacy?
We can help you plan ahead.

Gather Information

We contact each provider of your pensions and investments to gather detailed information on your behalf. We also perform a detailed analysis of your expenditure now and in the future, taking into account planned future events, ranging from house deposits to education costs for your children and grandchildren.

Building Your Lifestyle Financial Plan

Once we have all the information we build your personal lifestyle financial plan using sophisticated software. This maps out your lifestyle via a series of easy to follow graphs and analytical tools. We also prepare a series of “what if” scenarios to show you, for example spending more on holidays, spending more on children and grandkids, or retiring earlier.

Make Recommendations

We detail specific recommendations designed to follow your investment strategy, improve your tax efficiency and lower investment costs which ensures you achieve your stated objectives, both in the short and longer term.

Please be aware that the value of your investments can fall as well as rise, so you could get back less than you invest.

Implement Recommendations

We implement the recommendations and you start to work less and live more.


On an annual basis, we will meet to discuss any changes to your circumstances and lifestyle plans. This ensures everything is current and up to date.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man was originally part of the Norwegian Kingdom of the Hebrides until the 13th century when it was ceded to Scotland and came under the British crown in 1765.

The Isle of Man is a British Crown dependency, which makes it a self-governing possession of the British Crown that is not part of the United Kingdom. The UK Government however, remains constitutionally responsible for its defense and international representation.

The Isle is an island in the Irish Sea, between England and Northern Ireland spanning some 220 square miles, just over one third the size of London.

Financial services, manufacturing, and tourism are key sectors of the economy, with the government offering low taxes and other incentives to high-technology companies and financial institutions to locate on the island. Agriculture and fishing, once the mainstays of the economy, have declined in their contributions to GDP as the Isle continues to attract business from, in particular, the online gambling and film industries.

Central to its mandate of promoting business and opportunity the Isle does not have Capital Gains or Inheritance taxation and promotes a modest level of Income taxation with capped levels for high earners.

Financial Services regulation on the Isle of Man is strong, the IOM Financial Services Authority (FSA) undertaking the regulation and supervision of regulated activities in respect of deposit taking, investment business, collective investment schemes, insurance activities, pensions, fiduciary services and money transmission services.

The Isle of Man is an internationally compliant, well-regulated jurisdiction. Its commercial and financial infrastructure, business-friendly government and fiscal regime, makes it an ideal place in which to locate both your private wealth and a wide variety of businesses and through which to organise all manner of asset holding, investment and commercial transactions.

Undertaking financial services business in the Isle of Man could be not just tax efficient for individuals, but follows a regulatory regime not to dissimilar from those of the United Kingdom and Europe in their reach and proficiency.

Specialist Services

As a premier global centre for financial services the Isle of Man can offer very attractive, zero taxation opportunities for expatriate and international individuals.

IIM has experience of dealing with clients globally, both expatriates from the UK and those based internationally or straddling multi-jurisdictional locations.

  • International Pension Plans – particularly important in jurisdictions with little or no pension legislation
  • Regulated Financial Advice – paramount in today’s environment. All our advisers are approved by the IOM FSA and we are regulated to give full financial advice, with an ombudsman and compensation schemes if things go wrong
  • Experienced Investment Management – critical to produce your investment return expectations
  • Simple and clear fee structures – we operate on a fee structure only. Whilst we can take commission from providers and products we chose not to, meaning you know every step of the way exactly what our service costs
  • Multi Asset Custody – we have partnered with an award winning technology company to provide our wealth management platform and a global custody titan to hold your assets. All parts of the process are regulated and reviewed for suitability
  • Tax Planning – using recognised experts both locally and internationally we can deliver your wealth plan in the most tax efficient manner possible, ensuring not only compliance but long term wealth preservation.
  • Mortgages – being one of the longest present financial services companies in the Isle of Man our experienced team will look after your mortgage query from start to finish and are able to introduce you to a range of lenders both on and off island. We are also able to source UK mortgages for you through our team based in Leeds.
  • Institutional & Corporate – we offer services to multi-national corporate clients who need a reliable and trusted broker to operate both their treasury equity functions and counterparty execution facilities. Institutional clients appreciate our bespoke custody platform with timely and cost efficient processing of trades over all international markets.

IFA Services

We pride ourselves in offering complimentary services to the IFA and Wealth Planning sectors, locally and globally.

  • Model Portfolio structures – managed or designed
  • Bespoke Portfolio’s – passive, managed or a mix
  • Low cost solutions with discretionary mandates
  • Fast and cost effective execution facilities – all leading exchanges and over 6,000 global funds
  • Regulated Platform services – a fully multi-jurisdictional compliant platform enabling you to hold client assets in a secure and regulated place. We can offer a wide range of tax wrappers: GIAs, ISAs, SIPPs, QROPS and Offshore Bonds across multi currencies connected to a world-class auto-rebalancing capability that removes the administration burden


Investment Interest Management Limited (or IIM as we prefer) began life on the Isle of Man in 1995. Originally a one man IFA the Company starting its life in a converted church it has now grown to encompass the full suite of investment services a modern financial planning business should provide from its offices in the heart of the Douglas financial services district.

Taken over in 2019 by the UK based Contexitur Group, the Company is now part of a larger enterprise that includes both financial advice and investment management in the United Kingdom from three locations and will be expanding its operational reach into the Middle & Far East over the next 12 months.

Recently the Company has seen a large investment both in infrastructure and personnel, allowing it to develop its service proposition not just for its expansive domestic client base, but for clients across the globe.

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